About Kidd

The dished face behind "Spotted Dressage" .... My partner in crime and sole inspiration throughout this journey is a 2010 registered Half-Arabian (can you guess the other half??)  As if I wasn't enough to create an underdog story, he's the icing on the cake.  Naturally, his mom was from an auction, rescued by a wonderful family in central Alberta.  She was unintentionally bred to their hunk of a Black Arabian Stallion, Ebony El Bandar BG.  11 months later, "Kidd" popped out their cattle farm which doubled as a black Arabian breeding operation - therefor, he wasn't born to stay.  I bought him based off photos; there was just something about him that I had to have - I honestly don't even really 'like' Appaloosa colouring... but I had to have him, and after a whopping $700 I brought home a scrawny, awkward and wormy yearling.  As he developed, he turned into the 'diamond in the rough' as I had expected him to be. He blossomed into a beautifully willing and talented partner and though he's not what you would traditionally expect to see in a Dressage arena, he's surely proving that he was meant for great things.


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