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10 Needles

On February 6, 2018 the day had come.  Kidd was booked in to see the travelling Vet who comes to our area to follow up on our appointment last month.  In our last appointment, we isolated Kidd’s issues and confirmed he is not 100% in the hind end; a concern I had lurking deep in my muddled brain for an unfortunate number of years.  I had been convinced by peers and coaches alike that Kidd was fine - I just couldn’t ride him well enough - however my growing suspicions convinced me to seek a professional opinion.  My concerns were quickly confirmed when he saw the travelling High Performance Equine vet in early January.  Upon failing the flexions in both hind limbs, we put Kidd on Previcox while I tracked his reaction and wrapped my head around the possibility of needing to have Joint Injections done.

Unfortunately shortly after seeing the Vet in January, Kidd succumbed to the viral cold wreaking havoc throughout the barn, and as a result he was in minimal work for nearly 2 weeks.  Once …

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