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Anxious Fear

So because my boots are continuing to collect dust due to 'adulting' requirements and not enough time in the day, I was recently inspired to do a brief post regarding the fine line between fear and freedom.
Although I was never a complete wild child, I certainly felt as though I was much more invincible than I am now.  I began riding at the age of 9, and my third time on a horse I was cantering bareback over jumps made out of lawn chairs and 2x6's on my best friends driveway.  I was fearless, balanced, and dare I say - perhaps a little talented.  Winter came and it all ended due to the weather.  However, that Christmas I received a booklet of riding lessons at the local stables, and I was hooked.  I still remember nearly every moment of my first lesson, and though I was nervous I still gritted my teeth and loved every minute of it.
As time passed I had the privileged of riding many wonderful horses, I progressed through Pony Club and competed within our region.  I had develo…

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