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Project Gingersnap Blog Hop - "Change"

This is a perfect example of why i'm loving the blogging community. Despite being a total noob at this blog thing, I love how you can stumble across new things on a daily basis.  While sifting through the hum-drum of work on this lovely Wednesday morning, I skimmed through C's version of a blog hop, which directed me to the original post and as a result, found a new blogger to follow! I mean, who doesn't love to read about super cute ponies?!

Project Gingersnap Blog Hop
So the question asked is.. 
"Have you at some point moved on to a different horse, trainer, stable, etc with the purpose of advancing your progress? What made you realize the time was right for a change? Or did you opt to adjust your goals in order to stay withwhat you know is working? How did either choice work out in the long run?"

Because I am new to blogging and the majority of my posts cover the ebb and flow of horse ownership as opposed to information about myself, I should start with a little b…

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