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Week 2 Report

Week 2 - Trial & Error
Things got a little wonky this week and once again my Monday – Friday plan kind of went out the window, and with Christmas parties and what not it continues to be a bit wonky. On top of it all, we ran into an issue that caused my weekly plans to change for the sake of Kai’s health and comfort, but regardless buckle up for another incredibly rushed and poorly written blog post.
I had to go to the arena on Sunday evening as a friend/client wanted to do a lesson.  My plan was to go in on Sunday Afternoon and bath Kai prior, but I have been feeling run down so I decided to just brush, lunge and feed her before the lesson.  She had a few days off and we have had a pretty severe weather change (warm!) as a result was feeling a little fresh.  My intention was to lunge her lightly just to stretch her legs and get her a bit of exercise, but she saw it as a great opportunity for play time. As she bucked and played, I was torn between reprimanding her or letting her ‘get…

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